Home Features


•Making these homes affordable is achieved by combining a simple "farmhouse design" with traditional exposed framing elements (see related image). 

Our homes are made of kiln dried timber, wide plank floors and exposed beams. Exposing these structural elements provides the character for the home, allowing this new series of homes to have an authentic "old world charm" that will appreciate in value over time. 

•Nils Nilsson Homes is proud to introduce to the public a "Healthy Home" interior living environment. 

These homes, as well as being on the leading edge of today's Sustainability and Green issues are also one of the first series of homes with a healthy Organic interior. 

We intend to use little or no "man made" or "plastic" products inside our homes construction. 

Traditional to their historical beginnings, this series of homes is made of real timber! Not man-made building products, many of which we believe have the potential for unhealthy off-gassing. 

Off-gassing building products, refers to the ongoing release of toxic fumes or gasses from the chemicals used in the manufacture of many of today's man-made building products. 

Plastic and vinyl products also show instability, creating the potential for off-gassing.  

We believe this is a very important issue as new "home energy efficiency" regulation is leading us to an airtight home. This is the air that we breathe!  

Family member's health is important to us and although every day we are exposure to a wide range of chemicals in our environment, we believe general health and the immune system will benefit when allowed to "recharge" in an Organic home interior!  

While many home interiors create more harmful exposure. A "Healthy Home" provides added health benefits. 

•Another special feature of our homes are the natural wood windows and doors that we provide. In earlier times exterior wooden doors and windows were designed to open inward - inside the home, sealing on the outside edge. This provides added protection by not exposing the edges to weather penetration. 

We provide special details that allow for this type of installation. A natural finish is recommended for the interior in order to show off the wood grain. While a painted exterior is recommended for weather protection. Over time our windows will need to be maintained, which is made easier do to the in swing operation. 

•With over 30 years of experience designing and building authentic style homes. We are now offering a romantic, and affordable alternative for today's new home buyer.  

(Click here to view a few of our 'Mediterranean Style' homes).