What makes a quality Nils Nilsson Home affordable? 

A simple design created with exposed framing elements. Using kiln dried timber, wide plank floors and exposed beams overhead, the structure of the home is the character and charm.  

A Healthier Home 

Nils Nilsson Homes are made of real timber, not man-made products with harmful off-gassing potential We feel this is important as ‘energy efficiency regulation’ is leading us to an airtight home. This is the air we breathe. 

Plastic products also show instability, creating the potential for 'off gassing'. 

We intend to use little or no 'man made' or plastic products inside our homes. 

Windows and Doors are Treasured. 

Dating back to the early 1900’s, exterior doors and windows were made of wood and often designed to swing inward. Our windows and doors have special details that allow this type of installation. Natural finish is recommended for the interior, with a painted exterior.