Services Offered

Finding Land 

•We can help you find land in your area, so you can build one of our homes.  

•Removing an existing home may be an option. In some areas an existing home may need extensive repair or upgrades. These homes may be better removed and replaced by one of our homes. This will allow for the careful removal of materials proven to be unhealthy in a home (Click here to learn more about our "Healthy Home" environment). This option not only improves existing neighborhoods but decreases the growth of land development. 

Permit Options  

•We can provide Plans and Specifications and help you find permit assistance services in your area. So you can acquire the Building Permit for one of our homes. 

•Or we can provide Plans, Specifications and the Permits for one of our homes for you. 

Home Building Options 

•We can provide you with one of our home "Building Packages", consisting of Lumber, windows and doors, siding and trim. To be installed by you or your builder. (No concrete or masonry fireplace are included in this option.) 

•Or we can provide and install for you one of our "Building Packages" - A weather proof full enclosure. (No concrete or masonry fireplace.) 

•Or if you prefer, we can provide you with a "turn key" complete Home Build at your location, including concrete and masonry fireplace. 

•We also expect to have completed homes in specific areas, developed by us. Please check in on availability and location for these homes. 

Other Design Services 

•We can also provide you with Landscape Design and Interior Design services for one of our homes.